FOURTH RIFLE – NOV 20 - COW ELK – SEVERAL We have been running between 60 and 70% success on the elk and better on the deer.
We have had two record years in a row and are seeing plenty of game this year.
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Jeff's 2020 Loco Bull


I finally found some time to send you a thank you note regarding my 2020 4th rifle season elk hunt.

Vicki and I had a wonderful time at Loco Mountain Outfitters during my hunt. Anna Lee was a great cook and we never went hungry. She always had some kind of snack or appetizer available before the meals and was super fun to be with. She was great to Vicki and showed her around the area.

Keith did a wonderful job keeping everything straight and overseeing things. I am so grateful he was able to retrieve my bull with the horses and donkeys and he did a fantastic job getting my antlers ready for travel back to South Dakota.

And my guide, Steve, what more can I say? He met with us the night before the first day and explained where we were going and where the elk would likely be coming from. As we drove up to Black Mountain he actually spotted my bull with some others as we neared the timber. Steve led us to a nice meadow and, just as he predicted, the elk showed up a short time later!

Steve told me to shoot the second bull that was coming through the woods, which happened to be a nice 6x6. The bull was only about 70 yards away and even though I was sure I hit him, there was no blood! After about an hour of searching, Steve was able to track the bull WITH NO BLOOD TRAIL to where he was laying in the trees. I was amazed to say the least!

All of the guides were great fun and I liked how they shared information so that they could try to put all of the hunters into a position to shoot and elk. To me this is a sign that they care about the clients and want them to succeed.

Jim, I am truly grateful I chose Loco Mountain Outfitters for my elk hunt in Colorado. It is truly a professionally run outfit and everyone there is an asset to the organization. Vicki and I are discussing coming back in 2023 when I can accumulate enough preference points to draw a bull tag again.


Hi Jim!

I just wanted to drop a note to you saying how much Jeff and I enjoyed our hunt and stay at Loco Mountain.

Right from the start we felt right at home. Probably helped that Keith and Venessa were also from Wisconsin but I don’t think that would have mattered.

Keith and Anne Lee where the best hosts. The food was incredible.

Chase was the best. Always making sure he was not going to fast and answering all my questions. Steve was a great spotter. I don’t think we would have got the elk on Saturday morning if it was not for him.

The stories at night when Dave came back with Keith and Venessa were priceless!

You truly do have a great operation out there! You can tell everyone wants you to be successful and will do everything possible to make it so.

I will be sure to tell everyone I know if they are looking for an over the top hunt to give Loco Mountain a call.

Again – you have an amazing place and amazing people!

Cant wait to be able to do this again.





Jim, Thank you!  My wife and I just got home! All is good,I want to thank you again for a "first class" Hunt, and experience! This was my fifth time in the rocky mountains, hunting with a guided service, and I have to tell you. your operation is top notch,sir! From our guide Gabe, Keith, Anna Lee,(our amazing cook) and Steve, who I didn't get a chance to go out with,(because I shot my Muley opening morning)but got to get to know him around the camp,ALL WERE VERY ENJOYABLE!

I know I stressed on more than one occasion how important these people are in the whole operation! Not only do they do their jobs well, but with heart and passion that truly made this hunt a lifetime experience, and a TREASURED MEMORY!!!  With great appreciation TONY NIRO

"Dear Jim,
Just a quick note to let you know how very much I appreciate all you and your team did to provide a successful and fun hunt for Paul, Jud, Mike, and Jody. They will have tales to tell for years to come and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks again for your part in planning and providing a great hunt." Sincerely Anna Boulware

letters4-Tom White 1

"Being led around by one of Jim's guides, Dave Bunker, I found myself in elk herds every day of the hunt with more than half a dozen opportunities to drop a bull. But I told Dave I'm holding out for a big 6x6. Instead, on the morning of the fifth day and by God's good grace, I dropped this big toad. So hands down, this was the most exciting and exhausting hunt I've ever been on ... Thanks guys!" ... Tom White, Sculptor ... www.tomwhitestudio.com

If you are interested in a quality late season elk hunt, I have found the place to go! Loco Mountain Outfitters, Cotopaxi, Colorado. Not just good but great food, sleeping accommodations, hot showers, and guides who can help you with your hunting skills to that elk of a life time. That thin air can be tough at times. But when that elk steps out there you forget about any problems you have had to that point. Mine was a big one (6X6) and the guide had to quarter it to get it out, but it was all worth it. Our group of six got five elk (three six by six or better) and we had a heck of a time. Save your money, get in shape and give them a call!!!

Ralph Young, Gallipolis, Ohio

October 1, 2006


Well, ANOTHER!! hunt with Loco and I brought something home AGAIN!!!! I'm trying to sum up my experience this year so here goes......... 70 degree weather one day, then 3 days later I'm in 10 inches of snow...Crazy? I thought I had hit and lost a big mule deer. Crazy? With the help of prayer and one of your guides,Doug, I found my trophy. Crazy? No. With the help of guide Dave, I had a trophy elk called up to within 22 yards. Crazy? No. I got to experience God's country and feel His presence? Crazy? No.

You have a bunch of guides who are very skilled and also Crazy. No they are Loco. My trip can only be summed up with one word. Crazy. No, Loco. Loco Mountain Outfitters. Once again I have been able to enjoy a Co. hunting trip, do the things I wanted to do, have great food and a place to stay, and be with and meet people who love the outdoors. I'm fixing to go show off my horns from Loco Mountain to my buddies. See ya!!!!!!!!!

Dan A.


Here are some pictures of the lion I killed last January. The pictures were taken in my trophy room. I built that ledge several years ago specifically for this lion whenever I got it. Thanks to Loco Mountain outfitters I now have the lion I have hoped for since I was a boy.

Now I need a nice elk. I hope to realize that dream next October when I once again will be hunting with Loco Mountain outfitters in Colorado.


Hey Jim...

Just a quick note to thank you for a fantastic hunt this past season!!  Everything was top-notch again this year, and Casey and I are looking forward to our next hunt with LMO.  (Make sure you rehire those great cooks!!!!)

We really got into the animals this year which shows how well your guides know the hunt territory.  I never saw so many quality bulls!  Too bad I could only get a running shot at the "monster" on Gallister, but I'm quite satisfied with the nice 5x5 I got at Dick's Peak.

Casey almost got a shot at his buddy, so we both had plenty of exciting times.  Add in our nice Mulies, and it doesn't get any better than that!!

Say hi to Dave, Joel, Mike, and the "Unit" for us.  See you in this fall!!


Curt F.

Hello Jim

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for a GREAT TRIP. We had a blast.

The hunting was fantastic, the scenery was spectacular and the company was excellent. The folks from JERSEY were a lot of fun and your crew of guides were OUTSTANDING.  I am very impressed at how hard your guides work for the hunters, they really do make things happen. A special thank you to MIKE and DOUG for tracking my buck as far as they did.  My first elk was really fun, just before dark as the snow was starting to fall at 9000 ft.  What a memory. Thank you to Mike and Doug and Terry and Pete, who were fellow hunters who helped recover my elk. It was tough going to get him back to the truck.

My buck was a real team effort, with You, Doug, Jeremy, Pete and Terry all pitching in right at sun down on the LAST DAY of the hunt!!! That was really exciting. Hello and THANK YOU to GEORGE, what a character. Supper time and Story time at the lodge was priceless, absolutely worth every penny. The hunting and scenery were just a bonus. DAVE, JOEL and BLUE were a riot. Ya'll give a whole new meaning to "HUNT LIKE YOU MEAN IT."

KAREN had a lot of fun helping around the lodge and hauling hunters and  guides.  Thanks for letting her tag along. She is ready to go back.

Hello to all the guys in JERSEY, Hope every body is doing good. It sure was fun.

JIM, I will recommend you to anybody. Thanks again for a great trip. Hope to see you next year.  Happy Holidays.


JEFF and KAREN H., Hempstead, Texas